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Episode 008: Hacksaw Ridge / TV Lounge

In this episode Rune and Tryggvi check out Mel Gibson’s new opus Hacksaw Ridge. After that it’s velvet robes and whiskey in the ever comfortable TV Lounge where the lads talk about The Fall and Gilmore Girls among other things. Ahh the Gilmore Girls, they speak so fast but they speak so true.

00:00 – Introduction to the show
01:54 – Hacksaw Ridge
33:41 – TV Lounge: The Fall
51:14 – TV Lounge: Gilmore Girls and More
1:05:00 – That’s a wrap

Check out the full list of movies mentioned in this episode by visiting our list on Letterboxd.

This episode contains sound clips from the trailer of Hacksaw Ridge, The Fall, and Gilmore Girls. The intro music contains sound bites from The Conversation, Blue Velvet, and Ex Machina.

The theme melody for The Conversation is composed by Jacob Rovsing Koch. Check out the full version here