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#61: First Reformed

We’re back! Tryggvi and Rune make their triumphant return from a deserved break with the light and breezy Oscar nominee First Reformed. But it’s not all fun and games as the boys tackle the big issues of the day, such as noodles, comedy and piss-poor beer.

Check out the full list of movies mentioned in this episode by visiting our list on Letterboxd.


  1. Jacob (you know who) February 23, 2019

    So I just watchted First Reformed.

    Alarming movie.

    Stunning performance.

    Great sound design.

    • Rune March 3, 2019

      I completely agree. Finally people dare to make movies about climate change and it’s a stroke of genius to juxtaposing that theme with religious beliefs. The portrayal of belief in this movie is so well done and is one of the few ones that doesn’t seem preoccupied with what is right or wrong – it’s merely accepting different ways of believing.

      Glad you caught up with it. It’s one of those movies, that I need to re-watch at some point!

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