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#45: You Were Never Really Here

This time Tryggvi and Rune focus on Scottish director Lynne Ramsay and her latest film; You Were Never Really Here. Also, they talk about sound design, try to pronounce the name Joaquin and marvel at the wonder that is Leslie Knope.

Our discussion about You Were Never Really Here starts at 22:36

Check out the full list of movies mentioned in this episode by visiting our list on Letterboxd.


  1. Jim Emmanuel May 31, 2018

    Hey guys, I’m finally doing some “mindNumbing” work and have a chance to listen 🙂

    Tryggvi, knowing your taste, you should stay away from A Handmaids Tale: it’s too real and very bleak = I love it (it matches my dark soul) 😀

    Give Killing Eve a shoot – for some macabre light-hearted fun 😉

    Rune, I’m waiting for a PS4 sale before purchasing Detroit. Beyond: Two Souls didn’t warrant the full price.

    Didn’t get a chance to hear the review – but I really enjoyed the banter – great stuff guys 😀

    • Rune Koldborg J. May 31, 2018

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Well, Jim, I tried getting into Beyond: Two Souls, but decided to stop – it wasn’t worth my time being a parent and all 😉 I completely understand why that would’ve turned you off Detroit: Become Human, but I am here to assure you that this feels MUCH better. I would go so far to say it harkens back to the Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) days, but with much more believable visuals and acting. It is one of the first games I have ever played, where I feel like my actions have very tangible and lasting effects. For my money, it is totally worth full price.

      Also, for the visuals; they really did an astounding job on the teeth!

  2. Tryggvi May 31, 2018

    Cheers Jim!
    I don’t know if you’re listening to the latest one, but we have started The Handmaids Tale and I’m not a huge fan. Although I respect most of the craftsmanship, I just don’t get “horrible for the sake of horrible” mantra. Also, the premise bothers me a little as I have more faith in the human spirit than this. Having seen only 6 episodes, my feeling is that this show is taking itself a little too seriously. I hope it picks up a bit as we are still hanging in there.. Down but not out 🙂
    I hope we can help with the mind-numbing stuff Jim and I appreciate the feedback!

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