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#28: Lost Highway / Twin Peaks: The Return

It’s episode 28 and a damn fine episode it is! Once again Rune and Tryggvi marvel at the surreal poetry of David Lynch. They take a peek behind the red curtains, look at cult classic Lost Highway and then his eighteen hour masterpiece, Twin Peaks: The Return. So much genius, so little time.

Our conversation about Lost Highway starts at 15:00 and Twin Peaks: The Return at 52:13.

Check out the full list of movies mentioned in this episode by visiting our list on Letterboxd

This episode contains a sound clips from trailers of Lost Highway and Twin Peaks: The Return. The intro music contains sound bites from The Conversation, Blue Velvet, and Ex Machina.


  1. AL October 5, 2017

    Gorgeous podcast guys. For the record Twin Peaks season 3 isn`t officially called The Return. That`s the name Showtime came up with. It`s just Twin Peaks.

    David Lynch is very much into Buddhism and transcedential meditation. And Mark Frost is very much into 19th century literature and mythology. So a lot of the scenes, arcs and the journey Cooper under takes are relying on these themes. Maybe they help to solve the open ends.
    I always look into the uncanny (psychological causes) and the marvellous (supernatural). So for example the end of episode 17 can be the uncanny (a dream world), and episode 18 the marvellous(Cooper and Diane enter an other realm of reality).

    I like your theory about the fact that Cooper has tried this a 1000 times. Becaus when “Laura“ in Odessa opens the door, and the conversation is rolling. She actually says: “Normally when someone like you opens the door, I smash the door in their face“.
    (It could also mean that Mr.C showed up their before. )

  2. Tryggvi October 18, 2017

    I think that’s a smart way to look at it. And Rune’s theory is an interesting one and plays into multiverse theory. But this is the beauty of Lynch, we don’t really know anything and just keep guessing. Having said that, I want to know what the hell is going on with Audrey! At the end of the day, I’m just thankful that Frost and Lynch are collaborating on this amazing thing.

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